Rubber Playground Mulch

Rubber Playground Mulch

We have installed a number of children's play areas using the rubber mulch specification, this is suitable for use with existing equipment and comes in a number of colours.

Bonded Play Bark

Bonded Play Bark

Schools, nurseries and public areas will often have playgrounds with rubber bark surfacing which provides a natural appearance as well as safety qualities.

Playground Flooring

Playground Flooring

The surfacing of a playground is very important to help keep all children, of any age, safe at all times.

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Rubber Playground Mulch 

We are experts in the installation of rubber playground mulch and we specialise in the safety of play surfaces. We carry out a range of tests in order to ensure that the play area surface meets up to safety standards like BS EN 1177. This type of play surfacing comes under Q26 Special Surfacing for sports general amenity 360 insitu synthetic surfacing. Our rhino mulch surfacing is available in a variety of different colours including brown, green and a mixture of both. The surface has a natural appearance, making it great for a number of different areas including woodland spaces.

Manufacturing Rubber Mulch Near Me

Bonded rubber mulch safe flooring is constucted from reprocessed truck tyres. The truck tyres are crumbled to develop rubber pieces, much like the appearance of solid wood chips. The rubberized chippings will be bound together and placed in-situ, developing a smooth, porous, soft playground space. Kids' playground facilities and other exterior areas can have this unique surfacing laid for many different purposes.


We are able to install rubber playground mulch surfacing  in several different thicknesses, depending on what exactly is needed. The CFH on the playground equipment determines what depth of surface is required. The checks are completed to British Safety Standards. Playground rubber mulch is extremely popular around trim trails and climbing frames in Britain. In addition to offering top safety components, the colours and design are ideal for current forest themes and solid wood features.

Playground Flooring Installation

This type of rubberized flooring is often placed onto a lot of existing types of surface, like macadam and grassy surfaces. This is ideal for any areas which have muddy patches that end up being unsafe in wet weather conditions. The flexibility with this system signifies it may be simply put on to spaces with equipment currently fitted. We will not need to place down any groundworks so we’re prepared to offer very good rates to suit each client. We’ll be able to offer you an affordable estimate to carry out this type of project.

We provide many different design choices for play area rubber mulch. By far the most frequently selected ones are brown and green as these are more in-keeping with forest places. For those who wanted a more blended look, the colour choices will be blended to offer a much more distinct look. Every client can pick a bespoke specification that matches your budget and requirements. If you are looking at daily miles, find out more information here and we can tell you more about the design process involved. 

The surfacing is flexible enough to be molded underneath recreational equipment and furnishings that you might curently have. Some examples include things like jungle gyms, slides, roundabouts, seating and picnic tables. Rubber bonded bark is fantastic because it's entirely permeable. Due to this porosity, rainwater may pass through the surfacing which stops it accumulating and producing flooding. The facility requires minimal routine maintenance because debris and rain water do not accumulate on the top. This is a great all weather alternative to wooden bark because it does not lose its position as it is bound together with binder. Little fragments will not get lost from the playground since it's all totally stuck in place using the premium glue.

Shock Absorbing Surface

This impact absorbing floor specification is made to remain tough and strong, even in high usage areas. For playgrounds which might be often used by youngsters, this provides a durable and heavy duty flooring specification. The shock absorbent attributes generate far better performance and safety features for kids. It gives shock absorption to cushion kids' muscles so that they won’t get injured whenever they fall down. However it's also a fantastic decorative landscape flooring solution for wooded areas or low maintenance walkways.

Public outdoor parks, leisure areas and trim trailsin will in some cases have the bonded bark material put in to create a comfortable pathway between bushes and muddy spaces. Numerous facilities including golf courses get this flooring laid so people can stroll throughout the facility easily. Find out more information regarding the types of facilities, such as trim trails click here - where we can tell you everything you need to know. The surface usually requires low servicing therefore frequent cleaning ought to keep it totally free of dirt. The cleaning can then prevent debris from being trapped in the pores of the surface. We recommend making the rubber playground mulch as clear as possible to be sure it is safe all the time.

Our team install a range of recreation space safety surface areas for example rubberised mulch, wetpour as well as lawn mat floor tiles. Each of the flooring we put in is verified to meet up with Critical Fall Height reviews for your play area products in your area to make certain maximal protection for kids. This recreation space flooring requirements are designed to be permeable for them to be utilised in all of the climatic conditions seeing that rain water drains through these easily. Intended for playground surface types that demand a bit more natural appearance, rubber mulch flooring is often placed to fit the present surrounding. If you are interested in finding out more about our rubber flooring installation for playgrounds, please fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you. 

Play Area Rubber Shred Near Me

When installing rubberised shred for a local play area and their surrounding areas, very little preparation works are needed. This makes it much easier to install the surface and becomes a more cost-effective surface choice. The rhino mulch can be installed over a variety of different surfaces including grass. Unlike many other surfaces, after the rubber shred is installed very little maintenance is required. Traditional play bark requires you to top up the area regularly due to pieces of bark being removed from the area, etc. The rubber mulch surfacing will not get lost from the playground area, as it's bonded together.

If you are interested in the rubber shred which we can install on your playground or LEAP, be sure to fill in our contact form presented on this page. You can also follow this link which can tell you more about LEAPs and the ways in which rubber shred works well in these facilities. We will then get back to you with more advice and a quotation specific to your individual facility.

Upkeep of Playground Surfacing

Our nearby qualified group is also able to submit testing along with maintenance of garden play-area surfaces to keep flooring reliable plus without debris. It is informed that you have a cleaning schedule to fend off having to carry out major servicing within the flooring. The cost to clean and restore any playground surface varies depending on the state for the flooring surfaces and also any damage it has experienced. Should your surface have debris, weeds or other dirt on there, you ought to take it off quickly; this will be significant considering contamination can prevent the drain structure. Making use of a gentle jet cleanse plus brushing the floors on a regular basis probably will be good enough to stop the floors from being contaminated. Rubberised mulch surfacing can also have to have a jet wash to get rid of dirt, and you will need to top up the rubberised shred after a certain time period. Learn more about the repair surfaces we carry out here to find out the repairs we can carry out for you.

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In case your closest  play surface appears to become damaged reactive upkeep ought to be carried out right away to lessen very expensive repair works. Markings and also stains a result of things like chewing gum can be removed without difficulty if they are discovered rather quickly. Small children can pick-up rubber shred that has been loosened which might lead to a lot more damage to the area; in these cases it is essential that you have your rubberised mulch re-loaded. For smaller projects that you are able to undertake yourself, DIY kits are readily available. If you need some information on the DIY kits we can supply , make sure you fill in our enquiry form.

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