Critical Fall Height

Critical Fall Height

Playground safety surfacing usually offers a Critical Fall Height for certain types of equipment, rubber mulch can be installed to suit these requirements.

Playground Safety Standards

Playground Safety Standards

When creating a safe outdoor play space for kids, it's important to consider the design of surfacing which is needed when there is equipment being used.

Examining the CFH

Examining the CFH

You will need to test your critical fall height for any playgrounds to ensure the safety of young children, as well as any other individuals within the area.

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Critical Fall Height for Rubber Mulch 

It is important to find out about the Critical Fall Height for rubber mulch before having your safety surfacing installed. The Critical Fall Height (CFH) will vary depending on the height of the play equipment as well as the sub base below the rubber surfacing. The higher the playground equipment, the thicker the depth of the rubber mulch. Concrete generally requires a thicker depth compared to tarmac and MOT type 1. It's important that you calculate the CFH correctly in order to keep the children using the recreational area safe.


Rhino mulch safety surfacing is great for areas which are designed to look natural and keep kids safe whilst using play equipment. If you're unsure about the CFH which your facility requires, send over the height of said play area equipment and the sub base which you have and our team will be able to work it out. If you'd like to find out more information on the rhino mulch surfacing which we install, please fill out our enquiry form. We will try to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible and provide you with a quote if required. 

What is Critical Fall Height? 

The critical fall height (CFH) determines the depth of the surfacing and height of equipment. This helps keep children safe and reduce injuries that can occur in play areas . We can help determine your CFH by looking at your current surfacing and play equipment, which can the help us find the right depth of your rubber mulch surfacing. Making sure the CFH is suitable is crucial for parks and other outside areas where individuals could face getting hurting. Learn more about the purpose here - where you will find out everything you need to know. Fill out the contact form provided and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible with everything you need to know. 

Standard Safety Policies

It is vital to get children’s recreation space floor to meet standard safety polices, the standard safety surface types look into these needs such as CFH requirement. These play area flooring requirements are designed to be porous to allow them to be utilised in any climatic conditions since liquid moves throughout all of them effectively. Rhino playbark is usually a more natural appearing surface area; it is created from reusable rubber shred that makes your flooring non-harmful to the environment.

We also carry out tests on our nearby rubber surfaces to ensure they meet up to other safety standards including BS EN 1177. Doing this helps prevent children near me from becoming injured whilst using the playground equipment which we can help keep kids safe on. You will want to make sure that your new surfacing adheres to these types of safety policies in order to keep young children safe when using the play area.

Playground Rubberised Mulch Preservation Near Me

Our local experts closest to you, additionally carry out maintenance servicing as well as testing to keep your playground surface in the optimum quality and make certain it's safe to use. All of us continually recommend putting into effect a routine preservation plan for ones play-area safe surfacing to decrease the necessity for the mending. The charges for servicing, preservation and also repair works will vary based on the condition which the surface is in. If the surface or its surrounding area has got leaves, weed growth or other dirt onto it, you'll want to take it away as quick as possible; this is important simply because contaminants could block your drainage system. Applying a gentle jet cleanse and then clearing the surfacing frequently should be satisfactory to avoid your floors from getting contaminated. Rubberised mulch could also be washed with a soft jet cleanse and sweeping, you may also need to top up your rubber shred at some point.

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Reactive servicing is significant if a floor does become damaged, if the facility holds out too long any maintenance tasks could become costlier. Kids may grab parts of the surface that have become loose which may trigger even more problems for the area; in such cases it's essential that you have the rubberised shred re-filled.

How to Test the CFH

You will need a professional to carry out the CFH testing to ensure that it is fitting with all the laws and regulations. To test the CFH we follow these simple steps:

  1. Examine the surfacing which needs to be tested
  2. Measure the height of each piece of equipment 
  3. Compare the height of equipment, to the required depth of surfacing

It can be simple to carry out the CFH if you have all the right knowledge and support. Contact us today if you'd like to find out more regarding what we can offer and the best surfacing for you. Or simply click here to find out more about the surfacing we supply and install . 

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