NEAP Surface Installers

NEAP Surface Installers

Bonded rubber mulch is a great surface type which we can install at Neighbourhood Equipped Areas for Play to create a safe and exciting outdoor space.

Neighbourhood Play Areas

Neighbourhood Play Areas

These facilities are designed as open spaces with different pieces of equipment which are built within a certain distance from housing areas.

NEAP Rubber Mulch

NEAP Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is a great surfacing option for NEAPs as it is soft and shock absorbin which is great for all children, of all ages.

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Neighbourhood Equipped Area for Play

If you are interested in the construction of a Neighbourhood Equipped Area for Play , you may want to find out more information about the NEAP first. The NEAP is an open space which is specifically designated, laid out and equipped generally for older children, however younger children may use the area too. These types of areas are built near a certain amount of houses and apartments. The NEAP is particularly designed for children and can range from a simple see-saw to a multi purpose full playground construction. NEAP requires impact absorbing surfacing to go beneath the equipment; these could include play bark, play sand surface, eco-mulch, rubber tiles, grass mats and wetpour.

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NEAP Surfacing Options Near Me

We can offer a range of floor types what we could fit for the purpose of playgrounds a recreation space safety surface which includes wetpour, rubber mulch along with grass mats. Such surfaces reach standard safety rules such as the Critical Fall Height (CFH) specification that happens to be very important to any young person’s recreation space closest to you . The recreation space floor surface specs are also designed to be porous so they can be utilised in all of the climate conditions seeing that standard water empties within all of them quite easily. Wetpour can be described as a 2 level rubberised surface, and is also the widely used of the flooring products. If you're searching for a more natural visual appeal, it is recommended that you look to rubber mulch; rubberised mulch is an eco-friendly surfacing because it's made with recycled rubberised shred. Lawn mats are constructed over already present turf, so all the all new grass will be able to expand within the rubber floor tiles.

Bonded Mulch Specification

A number of play area facilities are constructed with bonded rubber mulch, that is a material created by using reused tyres. The material is crumbled to generate smaller fragments which have a similar visual appearance of wooden bark. They are then combined with a specialist glue and installed on the selected space with the requested specification. The shredded flooring is a preferred choice for a Neighbourhood Equipped Area for Play, along with many other outdoor places. 

We apply rubber mulch surfacing in a range of thicknesses, based on what's required. The required thickness would depend on the Critical Fall Height demands of any equipment around the play area. This is achieved via British testing criteria to provide top health and safety for children. Various features for example recreational structures and climbing frames will often get the rubber bark floors laid around them. It offers an all natural design which matches with woodland styled areas, along with making the facility safe.

Installing Rubber Shred Surfaces

This particular rubberized flooring can be installed on the majority of existing types of surface, including macadam and grass. The system is great for any playgrounds which have dirty sections that end up being harmful in rainy weather conditions. All of our surfaces can be found here which can tell you in detail about the surfaces available. The flexibleness on this surface indicates it could be very easily put on areas with features currently put down. We won’t need to set down any ground works so we are equipped to provide great rates to suit each client. We will be able to provide you with an affordable quotation to finish this sort of project.

You can buy many colour options when we are applying the play bark areas. A number of our clients opt to install green and brown since these colours look good with natural forest characteristics. A combination of coloured rubber bark may be put down to present a flecked look. Each individual client can pick a distinctive design and style that accommodates your budget and what you need.

NEAP Equipment and Furniture

For NEAP spaces with current outdoor furniture and equipment, we are able to mould the rubberized surfacing to match with these. These might be items like roundabouts, monkey bars, activity circuits, benches and creative tables. As a result of spaces between the rubberized fragments, the system is porous. Due to this permeability, ra in water can certainly move through the flooring and this also prevents it accumulating and creating flooding. The facility calls for minimal routine maintenance because debris and water won't accumulate on it. This is a great all weather alternative to loose wood chippings mainly because it does not lose its placement since it is stuck together by binder. You don't have any pieces of mulch getting misplaced away from the play area as it is all stuck down securely.

This safety floor specification is made to be tough and strong, even with heavy use locations. Learn more about our specifications here to find what would work well for you. For recreational areas which take lots of heavy use, the bonded rubber mulch supplies a strong and resilient solution. Bonded mulch helps to enhance play area health and safety for kids of various age groups. The flooring is generally designed as an impact absorbing type below play area equipment. However it is also a terrific decorative surface option to woodlands or low maintenance walkways.

Bonded rubber bark is perfect for flexible and durable walkways which take lots of traffic . These could also be used for golf course walkways and other outdoor spaces to shield players' bones when they are walking on it. The surface requires minimal servicing and so routine brushing will keep it free from dirt. Then you can prevent contaminants falling into the surface since this might contaminate the surface and bring about puddling. We advise keeping the rubber mulch as clear as you're able to ensure it is safe at all times.

Proactive Maintenance for NEAP Spaces

Our industry experts even carryout preservation servicing as well as assessments to maintain your local play area exterior and the surrounding areas, in the best achievable quality and assure it's safe It's advised that you've a cleaning up program in an effort to reduce the chances of being forced to have severe renovations towards the exterior. The price of upkeep and repair services can change a result of the surfacing type plus variety or repair services as well as maintenance required. It is advisable to check your EPDM rubber play area surfacing for any leaves, weed growth as well as dirt and take away all of these as fast as possible to stop floors from getting filled and contaminated.


Working with a mild jet rinse and brushing the area regularly could be satisfactory to stop your flooring from getting contaminants. Rubber mulch flooring might also need to have a jet rinse to get rid of debris, and you ought to top up your rubber mulch shred after waiting a certain period of time.

NEAP Surface Repairs Near Me

If a nearby play area surface does become damaged reactive repairs and maintenance must be done straight away to decrease higher priced maintenance tasks. Markings and even blemishes as a result of specific things like bubble gum can be removed without difficulty when they are spotted quickly. Small children might pick-up rubberised mulch that is loose which could result in a lot more problems for the exterior; in these instances it is essential that you get the rubberised mulch filled. Similarly, lawn mats can be loose-fitting and turn into some sort of falling risk to safety should they lift up, and therefore they need to be resolved asap. Cracks on wetpour surfacing may occur from time to time, for little repairs like this, you could buy a resolve equipment and perform repairs and maintenance yourself using our specialist kits that we supply to you.

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