Rubber Mulch Pathways

Rubber Mulch Pathways

Many public pathways are installed using bonded rubber mulch and we often complete projects like this, there are a number of colours and designs to choose from.

Public Walkway Surfacing

Public Walkway Surfacing

The rubber bark surface is ideal for walkways in parks and community leisure areas as it can be easily applied onto grass without the need for costly groundworks.

Rhino Mulch Paths

Rhino Mulch Paths

These pathways are a great for allowing a number of people to access an area as they can drain water and are very flexible.

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Recycled Rubber Mulch for Pathways

Our installers can make use of recycled rubber mulch for pathways . Since pathways have quite a small surface area, pathways are generally quite expensive to construct. Our resin bound mulch surfacing is a much more cost effective option for paths and are even environmentally friendly offering a fantastic natural-looking appearance. Resin bound mulch is great for establishments like schools since the contractors will not need to be on site for a long time. Rhino mulch is almost maintenance-free, meaning you don't have to constantly worry about servicing your pathway.


We're able to make alterations to our specification and offer you advice on what would be best for your facility. If you would like more information specific to your establishment, please make sure you fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

Mulch Walkway Services Near Me

Along with installation of rubber shred, we are also able to maintain and repair your surfacing. Little maintenance is needed for this type of surfacing, however over time repairs may be necessary due to fretting if the surface is under constant use. Learn more about the maintanence here - and find out more about the upkeep. It is important to get repairs fixed as soon as possible in order to lower the costs of repairs and keep people using the surfacing safe.

A lot of play area surfaces are constructed with glued rubber mulch, it is a product manufactured with reused tyres. The material is shredded to create smaller fragments that have a similar look and feel of wooden bark. They are then blended with a specialist glue and applied onto the selected surface area with the required specification. The shredded surfacing is a well-liked choice for children's play areas, as well as various other external spaces.

Rubber Surfacing Specifications

We are able to lay rubberized bark floors in a lot of depths, determined by exactly what is required. The depth on the surface will depend on the CFH from the playground equipment. This can be done via British testing criteria to create the highest level of safety for kids. Recreational rubberised mulch is incredibly widely used close to activity trails and climbing features in the United Kingdom. The flooring gives a natural visual appearance in order to suit a pre-existing rural design closest to you, and also supplies the required health and safety characteristics.

We can apply the bonded play mulch upon areas like stone and macadam as it’s extremely adaptable. You could potentially make the decision to put it on top of grass spaces to disguise any flooded areas. The flexibility on this system signifies it may be effortlessly applied to places with apparatus currently fitted. As there is no reason to install groundworks, the prices with this design come at very good value. Our business can provide you with a quote which is affordable and contains everything required. Learn more about the recycled rubber mulch and get back to us today if this is something you would be interested in. 

Designs and Colour Choices

You can buy quite a few colour options when we're applying the recycled rubber mulch for pathways. Lots of customers elect to have green and brown as these colour options match well with natural wood land characteristics. We're able to mix the green and red rubber chippings to produce a far more intriguing appearance if you prefer. Every client can pick an original design and style which suits the budget and what you need.

For people with existing apparatus and furnishings in the play facility, this surfacing could be tailored to install underneath these products. These include jungle gyms, see-saws, roundabouts, seats and tables. Rubber mulch bark is fantastic because it's entirely permeable and porous. It allows water to pass into the ground, protecting against floods and waterlogging on the area. This enables the flooring to have minimal routine maintenance throughout the year, and it can be used frequently. If you’re searching for an alternative option to wooden bark, this is a wonderful system because it’s ideal for all weather conditions. The rubber is completely attached with the binder which means you don't lose any shred pieces.

Rhino Mulch Pathways Near Me

Rubber play bark is great for durable and flexible paths which get lots of foot traffic. Some other establishments may choose to apply the play bark to develop gentle walkways and NEAPS for users. Find out more regarding the NEAPs by following this link - and we can help you find what you're looking for. In relation to servicing for rubber mulch, all it takes is regular cleaning to remove dirt off the flooring system. This will prevent rubbish from getting stuck in the pores and bringing about contaminants and water damage. It’s vital that you keep the area as clear as possible to make certain it’s safe for those who are making use of it.

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Rubberised shred surfacing is known as combined flooring which makes an all-natural look while giving firmness and pliability. The surfacing is constructed from rubberised shred to establish a specialised appearing product. The rhino mulch system is perfect for outdoor places which include leisure time areas, trim trails, pathways and play areas. This is because the rubber shred is capable of creating a flooring system that is comfy underfoot however still strong to the elements and too much usage. Additionally, it won’t result in any disruption for plants and tree roots which makes it ideal for wildlife locations. We make sure to offer all of our items in a wide array of unique depths and colours to help to make certain that each of our clients have the capacity to pick and select the perfect design and style for them.

Maintaining Rubber Paths

Our nearby services don’t just stop at installing recycled rubber mulch for pathways ; we also offer a range of distinct options that are all designed to be sure that your local establishments and their surrounding areas, is in a fantastic condition all year round. This consists of cleaning and maintenance work which is intended to expand the entire lifespan within your facility. Routine maintenance is essential for these types of items since they will be designed to allow water to go straight through them. Without routine maintenance these tiny holes can easily become clogged, creating lots of troubles water damage and algae develop. These all cause issues of safety to the people using the facility and have to be addressed at once. When your cloesest facility ultimately becomes too broken for routine maintenance to have any major effect, our company offers a repair service.

If you are interested in finding out more about maintaining rubber paths or you would like a quote to install a recycled rubber mulch pathway, please make sure that you contact us. Simply send us your details using our contact box on this page and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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